Friday, June 29, 2007

Guess I'm it.....

Well I don't know 5 people to tag....but I will provide the answers......

My birthday is April 26

This day in history.....
1564: Shakespeare was christened
1865: John Wilkes Booth (Lincoln's assissinator) was shot dead in Virginia
1986: Nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine

Birthdays.....(a lot of people that most people will have no clue....)
1933: Carol Burnett!
1983: Jessica Lynch aka 'little girl rambo' of Iraq. Actually she is a POW

Confederate Memorial Day for Georgia and Florida

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well first this blog is doing crazy shit--large lettering, not saving...deleting text....Very upset right now!
I wanted to say that my new digital camera was supposed to be here tomorrow but some routing mistake by UPS caused a delay so I won't get 'til Monday....'sigh'. I did take some pics with my old 35 mm camera which I had digital copies made. They aren't the best but they are something (bad development I believe....). To the left is an afghan that I finished this last fall. It matches the pillow perfectly. My grandmother insisted I have it and had mom mail it out to me with other stuffs (Bonus about living so far away---Parents send you stuffs all the time!)

The other project that I have been working on is knitting afghan squares. Its part of the Warm Up America campaign where you can knit as many 7x9" squares you like. I decided to get ambitious and knit the whole afghan (49 squares in total....). Its been a fun way to experiment with different stitch patterns--different cables, textured knitting, and laces. I was getting some of the stitch patterns from Lion Brand's website but Sis (aka Dragonfly) found this series of books w/tons of stitching patterns--Harmony Guides. Was soooo excited when it came...couldn't decide what stitch pattern I wanted to do next! Anyway I am including an overview pic of the afghan as it stands now--Will post pore pics as I progress and also post more detailed pics of my favorite stitch patterned squares...

One good thing though is that I got to spend most of yesterday and today outside! Benefit of being an archaeologist--we get to work outside! We didn't find much (we were survey an area where a fence is going to be installed). A stone tool and historic trash yesterday, and today what we term a sleeping circle (its a ring of rocks with a mostly cleared interior--don't why they are called sleeping circles--I'm learning the archaeology of this area as I go along....but I will keep you all posted as I figure stuff out....)

Okay thats enough of my rambling---all have a good night and a good friday tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I thought I would add some pictures....One of my main projects I am working on is to the left. I am doing it in a turquoise/violet mohair yarn. I have one panel almost done.....It should be a good shrug for the cold desert nights.....I will include a picture of my panel once I have my camera.

The shurg to right is one of many projects I would like to do next (one of the many that I need yarn for.....) I also have a couple scarfs to do for X-mas presents.....then there is a sweater that uses bamboo yarn.....And this pattern that I found on Looks so delicate and pretty.....

Okay that will have to do for now....and I hope by
by this weekend I will upload pictures of finished and in progress projects. (forgot to mention-the first two patterns are from LionBrand)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Since my sister has one.....

Hello all!

I have decided that since my sister ( has a knitting blog, I should start one too. I maybe the younger sister but technically I have been knitting longer than she has. My very first project I did when I was 7.....(mom still has it) but I really didn't get into knitting until I was in graduate school (think there maybe a correlation there....)

I recently ordered myself a digital camera (yes I know-I'm a bit behind the and I aren't always friends.....) so once I have it I will be going picture crazy! I do have two main knitting projects in the works with quite a few dancing around my head.....Just need the yarn.....


Picture of the environment I worked at for my last job (that is a NASA satellite in the background)