Sunday, November 18, 2007

Not very good at blogging....but I have been knitting!

I finished the baby blanket a while ago and with time to spare even.....There it is above looking all nice and pretty. The recipient was quite happy to get it. Finished the pink scarf-its even wrapped and ready to go. Started another scarf for a present with yummy silk yarn and have needles on the way to make a quick wool hat.... (using a pattern from Yarn Harlot's recent post available design, called Unoriginal hat) Will post pics of those two items later on after the Holidays but in the mean time here is the first scarf still on the needles when it was 'bout half way done.....And here it is all done!

Now for the kitties--They are all in new homes accept my two. I wasn't planning on keeping two but little Peek a Boo (formerly known as Normal Toes) just was too timid to be adopted and he has become my little 'SnuggleBoo' It's too bad cause he is a very lovely little kitten but alas he is mine to keep.....And of course I still have Felix--much more hyper kitty but thats alright. And Misty is still a good kitty mama even after her spaying and she is full of fiestiness her self.... Explorer went to home here locally in Barstow a few weeks ago. And in the process of determining how to get Tiger and Tubble to WI--I got Blondie adopted (now known as Boncelli who btw is a boy...all the kittens were boys...) Now for lots of kitty pics.....Here is one of my last ones of Explorer with Boo and Felix. And a lovely picture of Explorer at nine weeks--he is such a striking kitty with the softest fur ever.....He was hard to give up but 4 cats would certainly guarantee me the title of crazy cat lady....Least right now I'm just borderline..... Below are pics of my two babies all snuggled in for a nap. They settle for eachother when my lap is not avaiable (Boo will meow at me if I'm not sitting down for him to snuggle in.....They are a tad bit needy....).

For pics of Tiger well all you need to do is got to D-fly's blog....but here is a pic of Tubble who is turning out to be the brat of the pack (hee hee--thats why he went to Mom....) He also is turning out to be the biggest of the litter--already topped out at 7 lbs. Now lets not forget about pretty kitty mama, Misty--she her self is a pretty funny kitty...attacking the printer, carrying feather toys around the house, playing with her boys and defending her box..... Well that is all for now.

Have a happy Turkey Day!


Picture of the environment I worked at for my last job (that is a NASA satellite in the background)