Monday, February 23, 2009

First the tag by Cami...

Cause it will be easier and quicker....

For this tag--5th folder and then the 5th photo... Well not a very exciting picture really but it will show what the desert is supposed to look like around me... (I took this photo soon after I moved out here in 2007-its kinda crappy lookin cause the transfer to CD from normal film wasn't done very well by the digital cameras are awesome....)

And now what it looked like before Christmas...yeah that would be snow in the MOJAVE DESERT..... We got 4". Now I know for y'all in the midwestern states-big whoop and I would agree but since I live in a land where the natives freak out over rain I got trapped at work because of this stuff.... Yep got to spend the nite up at the military base-I lucked out staying at a co-workers since she lives on a shower and everything....

So there ya go Cami--no scary desert creatures (who might I add post pics of creepy spiders 'shudders') and I think I will tag Apryl, Sis, and Melissa..... And I'm going to add a new gal to the mix-my old college roommate just started a blog for her and her hubbies baby that's due in June! (not posting that knitting-ravelry only....sorry Jaimi)

Okay stay tuned--Yes I will be posting very soon-have to answer Sis's tag.... (very touching one I might add)


Picture of the environment I worked at for my last job (that is a NASA satellite in the background)