Sunday, July 29, 2012

Liebster Award and over a year in Vegas!

Well since my sis aka Dragonfly7673 decided to nominate me for this and then said on her podcast I need to update... fiiinneee....(and I really can't nominate anyone, either been nominated or they have too large of a following but I will nominate my friend Kellee)
Honestly I've been horrible in updating this thing.  Its probably due to the fact that now that I live in a town where I'm out doing stuff, interacting with people I guess I don't feel the need to share here?  I mean I know there were a few of ya that would follow me but its not like I have this large fan base.

So what have I been doing here in Vegas?  Well there is work which this summer I have gotten to go out in the field (going out next week too!), mostly a lot of walking seeing if there is important cultural stuff that looks like this to the left.  That is obsidian or volcanic glass that is highly weathered and it was to be a point for a spear but the very tip broke. Otherwise I'm indoors sitting at a computer either doing data entry or report writing.... The job of an archaeologist is not nearly as glamorous as it sounds... No Indian Jones, Laura Croft, or River Song adventures....

Other activities?  Occasional go see a bout of roller derby.  Go to one of many Farmer's Markets in this town, museums, hiking, movies with friends, occasional trips to Cali like a trip to San Diego where I visited with a friend who I haven't gotten to see in quite awhile since I moved to Vegas and she moved back to San Diego. Including a picture of the Pacific that I took when I was in San Diego, the ocean really is one of my fav things about Cali...

I'm also having to figure out the whole single life thing... I was in a relationship for quite awhile and it did work for good portion of that time but with my move to Vegas, I changed, back to myself, and I even hope a better version of myself.  I do struggle with depression (and always will) but this new environment that I had the wonderful chance to move too has helped get me on a better mental path.  Definitely been bumps and there always will be but sometimes this can effect ones relationships for better or worse. In this case it was better if we went our separate ways.  We weren't doing each other any good.  But now I'm a single girl in Vegas... Past few months have been about getting a routine and such that is suited to me, explore on my own, enjoy my friends, etc.

And of course knitting... since I moved to Vegas, I have knitted a crap ton of knitting - not being stressed out from my job has done wonders for my knitting mojo!  Now not going to show all my projects that I've done in the past year and beyond (Check out my rav page for that if you'd like).  I will showcase my favorite project of last year.  It was the My Wish pattern my Laura Linneman that was in conjunction with Lynn Zimmerman's fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation (which she is doing again so check out her webpage here for more info! including another pattern by LaLa! and there are prizes!).  I posted on plurk two color choices a year ago and I got a split decision my sis said that the autumn colors reminder her of our G-dmother... Mother Yarden being a knitter herself (more so in her younger years) has admired my knitting (& teases me cause I always have it with, course she also knows when I'm staying with her, I always have something to keep me occupied).  I haven't knit her anything so why not?  And it turned out gorgeous and she loved it and mom & sis loved it.  Dad said Mother Yarden will like anything I make her... not helpful dad. Pictures are below, overall shot and a close-up of the edge.  The orange is knit picks standard sock in Pumpkin, the variegated - I have no idea.  It was in my stash, its sock weight and it went with the Pumpkin... so there ya go. The shawl is quite large but it gets chilly in Long Beach during the winter evenings so it does get used.

And now I'll move on to another fundraiser being conducted by my sis.  She will be participating in the Susan G Komen Race for the cure and she has prizes and such lined up and you can read about it all on her podcast/blog.  I will be donating a shawl as one of the prizes. I will be test knitting a shawl designed by one of my local knit gals.  She is in the process of designing the pattern for the Little Miss Hannah Foundation so all proceeds of her pattern will go to this foundation.  And with her blessing I will be donating the completed test knitted shawl as one of the prizes for sis's podcast. This way I hope I can help get funds to both causes! So keep your eye out! hmmm guess that was a blip about two fundraisers...

Okay one last thing - new yarn store in Vegas!  Sin City Knit Shop Opened a couple of weeks ago, its a cute cottage feel shop with plenty of space for knitters to gather in the back half of the shop.  She carries knit pick needles including the new sunkissed ones and knitter pride's crochet hooks which feel pretty awesome even though I'm not a crocheter...  She is working on type of yarns to carry so if you have suggestions or what your fav LYS carries, let me know via email (mojaveknitterATgmailDOTcom) or comment on the blog.  She has Malibrigo, she wants Mod Tosh but there is a huge waiting list, I believe she will be carrying 3 Irish Girls.... and for the standard stuff she has Berroco and Cascade.


Picture of the environment I worked at for my last job (that is a NASA satellite in the background)